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Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Dry docks

Adventure of the Seas

Installation of new cabins
HVAC system equipment installation
Assistance with assembly and installation Waterslides
Replacement of shredder blades in garbage room
Crossover metal replacement, fabrication and installation
Swimming pool painting
Drain, sewage, steam and water pipes replacement

Brilliance of the Seas

Various plumbing works
Full demolition works on open deck
Electrical works
Replacement of glass in dining room

Independence of the Seas

Removal and installation of new insulation
Demolition and preparation works on open deck
Fabrication and installation of teak handrails and steel rails
Assembly of playground
Painting of coamings around swimming pool

Majesty of the Seas

Demolition of old carpet and floor preparation before installation of new carpet.
Crew showers replacement
Wall panels replacement.
Swimming pool painting and metal renovation.

Mariner of the Seas

Renovation during crossover (chipping, grinding and painting).
Replacement and repair of ballast pipes in dry tanks.
Repairing of ventilation system.
Pipe replacement in provision area and engine room.
Repair works in grey water tank

Vision of the Seas

Removal and disposal of old carpet in crew cabins.
Floor demolition on open deck and steel refinishing.
High pressure pipe washing renewal.
Replacement of all corroded steel frames in all air inlets and replacement of doors to air inlets

Empress of the Seas

Demolition, renewal and installation of teak wood on open deck.
Replacement of ballast pipe.
Light installation in crew cabins.
Thin metal replacement in tanks.

Grandeur of the Seas

Demolition and installation of tiles and carpets.
Upholstery support.
Swimming pool painting works.
Maintenance of HVAC intakes.
Replacement of windows rubber coating from window frames and installation of new one.
Metal replacement of swimming pool and painting in Solarium.

Navigator of the Seas

Installation of protection in elevators
Removal and installation of new insulation
Fabrication of handrails
Assembly of playground
Painting of coamings around swimming pool

Oasis of the Seas

Deck preparation for new covering.
Fabrication and installation of handrails.
Welding foundation for new decorations.
Rust metal replacement and reinforcement of pillars.
Welding mounts for windshields.
Fabrication of new supports for drain system.
Reinforcement of bench foundation.
Fabrication and installation of new steel rails.
Sanding and painting of ceiling.
Fabrication of new drains.
Installation of new insulation.
Assistance with assembly and installation of waterslides.
Installing the balcony doors handles

Quantum of the Seas

Sanding and varnishing of chairs from bars and restaurants
Sanding and repairing of drain teak cover
Polishing of marble wall
Removal of old varnish, polishing and applying new varnish on teak panels
Repair of Jacuzzis (removal and installation of new Jacuzzis with all necessary connections
Installation of plastic coaming covers

Rhapsody of the Seas

Carpet installation
Painting of the swimming pool
Maintenance of balconies
Renewal of teak drains
Replacement of rust drain support
Replacement of air intakes. Fabrication of new metal frames
Replacement of furniture upholstery
Reinforcement of rust metal
demolition and steel preparation of the deck

Voyager of the Seas

Deck Preparation before priming
Replacement of old insulation
Maintenance of teak handrails
Fabrication and installation of new bench boards
Drain pipe replacement
Removal of old pool filtration system
Replacement and reinforcement of pillars
Thin metal replacement
Installation of new insulation
Removal of steam and water system pipes
Preparation works before carpet install
Replacement of sewage line penetration
Insulation of guest cabins
Demolition, renewal and installation of hatches

Freedom of the Seas

Maintenance of the air conditioning and ventilation system
Repair and steel replacement of condensate drain pipe 860m
Repair and steel replacement of HP washing pipe 208m
Tanks cleaning and painting
Repair and steel replacement of washing drain line
Cleaning and painting of crossover
Painting works on balconies
Air intakes maintenance
Insulation of the condensate drain pipe line
Renewal of the three pools (chipping, grinding and painting)
Black Water Pipe Work
Steel replacement on different areas

In service

Freedom of the Seas

Funnel from deck 1 to deck 14 ( grinding, painting) and installing scaffolding equipment around the funnel pipe to start working process.
Carpet removal and preparation of surface before further cover applying.
Tanks maintenance.

Jewel of the Seas

Installation of new crew medicine cabinets

Liberty of the Seas

Replacement and fabrication of new water part steps .
Full refreshment of tanks (cleaning, steel replacement and painting).
SVS clean bilge piping replacement
Cleaning and painting of tanks

Allure of the Seas

Full refreshment of tanks (cleaning, welding and painting)

Enchantment of the Seas

Metal maintenance of open deck – metal replacement, welding doublers, welding inserts reinforcement.
Full tanks refreshment

Independence of the Seas

Separation of ammonia coils from fridges.
Removal of the theater seats and miscellaneous steel repair (preparation works before Rock festival)

Jewel of the Seas

Installation of crew medicine cabinets

Majesty of the Seas

Mondo removal and steel deck treatment.
Insulation repairs and new installation and also cleaning of air handing units.
Tanks cleaning.
Full replacement of grey water system

Radiance of the Seas

Replacement of 240 generating tubes.
replacement of 2 tube plat
Installation 100 crew RX cabinets
Replacement of balcony doors Handles
Metal replacement on open deck

Serenade of the Seas

Piping insulation in the galleys
Installation of crew cabinets