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Celebrity Cruise Line

Dry docks

Celebrity Equinox

repair, renewal and installation of new teak wood on open deck

Celebrity Infinity

Testing the new technology laser blaster in guest balconies.
Stripping and painting all swimming pools.
Assisting the Deck for general paint.

Celebrity Millennium

Demolition of carpet and metal replacement on different ship’s areas.
Installation of protection in elevators.
Demolition on deck and preparation for new covering.
Renewal of teak balks on ceilings and teak wood handrails.
Rust metal replacement and welding doublers on pillars


Removal and re-installation of existing Jacuzzi and repair of steel deck underneath.
Welding and installation of new steel structure for the new awning

Celebrity Equinox

Renewal of three swimming pools
removal of existing paint in pool trunks and beach areas.
Blasting, grinding and cleaning of steel surface.
Recoating Chemco primer and paint as per material specifications.
Balcony works (installation of new balcony dividers. Replacement of glass and aluminum partitions)

Celebrity Summit

Pool deck steel repair works.
Air intake platform steel repairs.
Removal of old carpet and preparation for further covering.
Replacement steam and water system pipes

Celebrity Silhouette

Removal of the aft.
Removal of planters on the aft lawn.
Removal and relocation large Adirondack chairs.
Removal of hammocks.
Remove of insulation inside of the deck

In service

Celebrity Infinity

Repairing of boiler system