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Carnival Cruise Lines

Dry docks

Carnival Victory:

– Removal of the resin inside the main pool
– Demolition and steel preparation

Carnival Fascination

– Helping with cleaning
– Support sanding and assist in trash and teak from

Carnival Paradise

– Insulation
– Waterworks
– Dry Dock support
– Demolition teak with terminators
– General carpentry

Carnival Sunshine:

– GW and BLK Piping
– window glasses frame maintenance
– Sprinkler heads replacement
– GF+ piping installation in the main galley
– garbage management and cleaning
– welding works

Carnival Freedom:

– Demolition works
– Tiles and linoleum application
– Garbage removal work

Carnival Triumph

– Removing and re-installation in way of the duck tail installation
– Pipes and cables penetrations to install Roxet penetration
– Removing the magrodome from the ship.
– Teak demolition
– Steal deck preparation

Carnival Splendor

– Removal of the existing resin and tile in way of new construction for water Works
– Preparation steel deck surface to receive resin.

Carnival Elation

– maintenance of the guest cabin window
(removal of glass, chipping and maintenance of frames, etc).
– Welding jobs (handrail, gutters, etc)

Carnival Miracle

– Water works and LIDO demolition
– Cleaning and painting

In service

Carnival Fascination

– Repair works of Jacuzzis
– Water pipes replacement

Carnival Conquest

– Housekeeping
– Service maintenance
– Installation of Bridge Carpet
– Remove wall paper
– Mason grouting service
– LSA maintenance
– Welding works
– Replace external balcony drains

Carnival Breeze:

– Engine bilge and engine casing housekeeping

Carnival Liberty

– Floor replacement
– Cleaning works
– Maintenance in the galleys
– carpenters for hotel project support

Carnival Freedom

– Galley grout & tiles maintenance
– Cleaning of engine casing and bilge
– Upholstering works

Carnival Pride

– Refurbishing works
– Carpentry works
– Welding works

Carnival Glory

– Welding works
– Hotel upholstery
– Cleaning works
– Metal replacement on balconies
– LSA maintenance
– Plumbing service

Carnival Legend

– Cleaning of the Bilges

Carnival Spirit

– Cleaning works
– Chipping and painting

Carnival Paradise

– Replace LB cables
– Painting / chipping
– Welding works

Carnival Splendor

– Carpentry works
– Lido sofa works
– Chipping and painting

Carnival Valor

– Conducting tiles repair on whirlpool serenity

Carnival Valor

– Chipping and painting various area on external decks